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Quality Control System
Quality Control SystemRasi Tex implemented an effective Quality Control System to create better garments in less time, with greater creativity, lower costs, and fewer defects. In the garments industry, nothing is constant except change. New styles and specifications are routine, and new production sources are discovered and changed. New styles are put into production most often than any other industry. Monitoring quality is a focus activity at the company.
Kaizen Initiative:
Kaizen is a TQM tool that bestows greater empowerment on individuals within the labour force, thereby ensuring continuous improvement in quality and productivity. Rasi Tex has successfully implemented Kaizen within the company.
Quality Assurance:

Quality AssuranceAt Rasi Tex, quality is a habit. Numerous measures are implemented to manufacture consistent quality products. Due care is taken at every stage, from cotton to final product, to ensure that all requirements of the customers are met.

Quality Assurance Team:

Trained in 'Garment Manufacturing Technology', our QA Team assures quality in garment manufacturing. Before a garment is produced there are systems set down to ensure that the manufacturing process, once begun, goes on smoothly and without flaws. The team effectively involves in monitoring of progress and regularity of quality checks.

The internationally approved 4-point inspection system is applied to assess the quality of fabrics. Samples drawn are tested for required characteristics such as color-fastness, yarn count, shrinkage, etc. Our QA Team along with Production team has Pre-Production Meeting and On-line inspections to ensure Consistency and Compliance to Contracted specifications. Statistical Process Control is used to monitor Quality from raw material to finished product. Inspections are done by statistical sampling based on standard MIL-STD 105 with AQL-2.5.
Our expertise in seed breeding and cotton cultivation by our own farmer network is the causal factor for consistently producing high quality yarn.
Bale management:
Each bale is tested for the fibre characteristics at our HVI lab and BIAS software is used to choose and arrange the bales so as to maintain uniform spinning coefficient in all the mixing.
Bale management
Contamination picking:
Manual picking of all contaminants is carried out carefully under strict supervision.
Contamination Picking
Contamination Clearer at Blow Room:
The manually picked cotton is again screened by LOPTEX contamination clearer for any remnant contamination.
Contamination Clearer at Blow Room
Process control:
The quality assurance lab with UT4, strength tester, twist tester, trash separator wrap reels, etc., guarantees parametric process and quality augmentation.
Process control
Online monitoring on Autoconers:
The data from Autoconers are monitored at regular intervals to observe and enhance the process control loop and prevent any setbacks.

Contamination clearer in Autoconers:

All Autoconers are fitted with contamination clearers, which ensures near contamination-free yarn.

UV lamp checking:
Each cone undergoes a thorough UV check for shade variation, flower effects and other defects.
UV lamp checking
Human Resource Development:
Rasi Tex understands the prominence of the human role in textile production. Qualitative training and complementary environment to bring out the best of the innate skills in its team gain top priority.
Human Resource Development

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